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Buy Soft Tissue Paper online SUDARAT-P PAPER FACTORY CO.,LTD offers art paper, art card, and art board from the best mills in the Thailand. DG Wholesale rapidly becoming a major exporter of art paper grades. The quality is widely accepted around the world and PMDS art paper and board grades are beginning to be exported in large quantity to markets such as the USA and Europe. PMDS only makes good quality art paper above 80GSM. Very good quality starts above 100GSM and goes up to about 300GSM. SUDARAT-P PAPER FACTORY CO.,LTD offers matte and gloss finish and does not offer silk. This paper is typically exported in sheets.

Choosing the best tissue paper for your needs

With a wide selection of colored and pattern tissue paper options available, you are sure to find something that either matches your brand perfectly or compliments your other packaging options. If you use a Kraft paper or solid color shopping bag, you might consider adding tissue paper in a vibrant color. If you offer gift wrapping services in your location, you will want to keep several different colors and patterns of tissue paper on hand, so you have plenty of options for different occasions, genders, ages and seasons. There are also food-safe tissue paper options for gourmet food shops, restaurants or bakeries, and waxed tissue paper for wrapping items like flowers.

Item Code: 45-170-Gsm   PARAMETERS UOM SPECIFICATION   SUBSTANCE g/m2 19 / 20   Bulk cc/gm 1.1   COBB g/m2 21   POROSITY MIN 15    MAX 25   B.L.M. (MD)  METERS 4200   B.L.M. (CD) METERS 2200   B.F GCM/GM 24   T.F. (MD) METERS 44   T.F. (CD) METERS 55   DECKLE CMS 220-225


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