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Buy Thermal Paper Online We provide an ample range of Thermal Printer Paper for Fax Roll, Food Labels, Airline Tickets, Tags, Dispatch Labels, Bar code labels and many other carbonless applications. We have carved a niche as the most preeminent Thermal Paper Rolls Manufacturer and Thermal Paper Supplier in the Netherlands. Our Thermal Printer Paper exhibits countless features and has number of commercial uses. Manufactured from the premium quality base materials, our Thermal Printer Paper is the perfect blend of efficiency and performance.

Thermal Printing Technology provides for instant printing on command. No warm-up time is require for the first page. Laser printers can take 20 seconds or more to start printing the first page.

Buy Thermal Paper Online

therefore The use of roll paper can also reduce the amount of paper used and improve performance by printing a page equal to the length necessary to Therefore present the printed information.

so (For example, if a document is equal to 14 inches of text a graphic information, sheet feed printers require two full pages or 22 inches of paper where the roll design can print, cut and deliver a 14-inch page.) Choosing the right thermal paper is as important as choosing the right printer.

Different thermal sensitivities, calipers, and constructions make the thermal paper decision a difficult one. That is why Telpar offers a wide variety of thermal papers to satisfy your printing needs.


Telpar offers various types of paper for the following applications: • Coupons • Receipts • Kiosk • Bottle Redemption • Gaming & Wagering • Tickets Aside from the various widths and diameters, Therefore Telpar offers paper that vary in construction and lifespan. Below are some basic specifications to consider when choosing paper

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