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SO Paper One Copier Paper
is known to be premium quality paper which is in use at home and various offices, institutions and other organizations. It serves all the purpose from copy to print outs and compatible with all machines available for these purposes.

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Photocopier Laser Printer Fax Machine Ink-jet Copier 2 side copying so 500 SHEETS PER REAM  5 REAMS PER BOX. 1560 BOXES PER 20FT CONTAINER (WITH PALLET)  1600 more also BOXES PER 20FT CONTAINER (WITHOUT PALLET).  7800 REAMS furthermore TOTAL IN ONE 20FCL (WITH PALLET). 8000 REAMS TOTAL IN ONE 20FCL (WITHOUT PALLET).


further Paper One Copy paper A4 80Gsm  Features Of A4 Paper One Copy Paper 80Gsm :  Substance G/M2 80 + – 2.5  Substance Variation Cd Thickness Difference Cd % Equal To/Below 10 Brightness % 100-102 Opacity % Equal To/Below 90 Breaking Length Average M Equal To/Above 3200 8

therefore Smoothness Average Of Two Sides G 20-25 Variation Of Two Sides % Equal To/Below 30 Surface Absorbing Weight G/M2 Equal To/Below 30 Shrinking Variation Cd % Equal To/Below 2.8 Folding Endurance Cd Times Equal To/More Than 15 Dirt (0.2-1.5 Mm2) Point/M2 Equal To/Below 65 More Than. 5Mm2 0 Moisture Content % 4.5-6.0 Ash % Equal To/Below 16.0 Sizing Mm Equal To/More Than 0.75Mm Substance :


 Buy Paper One Paper online

therefore Low Dust Content Minimizing Your copier runing cost. Good Opacity Double sided copying of the best quality Smoothness Improving so Printing Quality. Bulky Sheet Enhancing smooth

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